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phone thefts are also rising. they account for almost half the robberies in san francisco and 40% in new york. wireless carriers and the s.e.c. are working on a national database to attract stolen devices but it's more than a year ago. >>> aappears movie audiences are in the halloween move. "paranormal activity 4" and a fifth movie is planned. "argo" with $17 million. "hotel transylvania" was third with 13.5 million bucks. >>> when we come back, danger on the street. this pedestrian, yeah, is actually okay after finding himself in the middle of a high-speed chase. >> you don't want to miss that one. >>> and then danger in hotels, a $50 hotel gadget that can pop the locks on hotel room doors. woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. a kraft homestyle mac & cheese bowl. it'
. still looks like he's wearing socks. >>> this is a beautiful video of san francisco. beautiful landscape, but it's title, locals hate it when you call it san fran. i call it san fran all the time. >> you're a local. >> the great thing about this video, though, it really is how beautifully it was shot. it shows some of the places you recognize in san francisco, like the golden gate bridge. even has a not here of "endeavour" flying over the city. spectacular view, if you ask me. >> why do they hate it that you call it san fran? >> apparently locals hate it, but i mean, it's a city that's known as the city -- >> rice-a-roni, the san francisco treat. >> my family from the bay area and we always just call it frisco. >> i think you call it awesome. >>> that's going to do it for this show, everybody. we leave you with this video. have a great one. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com better phone, better internet. it was like somebody like took our computer, shook all the junk out of it. we're actually getting more for our money with fios. [ male announcer ] it's time to get more for your mone
to san francisco. scattered showers around fargo, minneapolis, chicago and detroit. much of the same in new york and new england. >> 60s in the northeast. mostly 70s in the midwest and plains. 80s from miami to dallas. 50s in the pacific northwest. >>> and when we come back this morning, the next small thing. apple is ready to make a big announcement later today. >>> and growing concerns about a popular energy drink. the feds are stepping in to see if people have died from drinking the monster brand. >>> and later, don't look now. a well-known electronics company comes up with an idea that's to die for. >>> welcome back, everybody. there is new controversy regarding energy drinks. the food and drug administration says it's investigating five deaths that may be related to monster energy drinks. the monster says it does not believe the beverages contributed the deaths. the company has more than one-third of the sales in the fast-growing energy drink market which targets teens and young adults and overnight newscasters. there's calls in congress for greater regulation. >>> apple is onl
in record-breaking heat. downtown l.a. could push 100. and it will be san francisco's warmest day of the year so far. cooler in new england and upper midwest. honolulu will be in the mid-80s. >> the weather is the craziest weather. you know what mark twain said the warmest summer i -- the coldest winter i ever spent was a summer in san francisco. great city, though. >>> when we come back, you might have to get ready to pay a whole lot more. we're talking a whole lot more. >>> then a disposable diaper supply. why the supply is suddenly being threatened. >>> and blown away. the car that is no match for mother nature. >>> welcome back, everybody. gasoline prices should now head downward, but maybe not right away. the national average this morning is $3.78 a gallon. that's 3 cents less than it was a week ago. now gas prices usually do come down this time of year. and oil prices are falling but aaa says there could be a brief spike first because wholesale gasoline prices are still high. did you get all of that? >> i got all of that. >> okay. good. >>> hospitals better get it right. bec
of gasoline. >>> san francisco giants are headed to the world series after a comeback against the defending champs the cardinal. the giants rowed the card 9-0 monday night and they take on -- routed the cards 9-1 monday night and they take on the tigers tomorrow in san francisco. >> did you see the rain? >> yes. >> and they finished in the rain. wow. the son of humphrey bogart and lauren ba-cal will help with a cause near to them. they are taping a psa for the esophageal cancer network. he lost his father to the disease in 1957. the psa will encourage people to be screened and let them knowheart burn can lead to cancer. diagnosis increased 400% in the past 20 years. >>> visitors to the dulaney valley memorial gardens can find peace and tranquility in an asian inspired space. it's designed in the tradition of feng shui and it's 7ic ahe is of pathways with animals and they have -- acres of pathways with animals and the design expert who created it says the feng shui was used in just cemeteries not in homes like today. a dedication ceremony happens tomorrow to officially on the garden to the p
all the red ink. >>> and the san francisco giants and detroit tigers are looking forward in baseball's playoffs. two more teams will move today. >>> good friday morning, everybody. it was a decidedly different debate than last week's presidential faceoff. this time, joe biden and paul ryan clash on virtually every issue, stopping short of, basically, calling each other liars. >> now, the question is who won? and overnight yahoo! poll of 130,000 people may have the best answer of all. and it was 50/50. abc's brandi hitt is in danville, kentucky. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, paula. yes, the vice presidential debate definitely lived up to expectations. both sides sparred throughout the night. and many do believe that vice president biden helped make up for president obama's lackluster performance last week. the first and only vice presidential debate sparked a few fireworks. >> it's been done a couple of times. >> never -- >> lower tax rates, increase growth. >> now, you're jack kennedy. >> reporter: vice president joe biden and republican challeng
, during a public memorial at san francisco city hall. former colleagues say stevens will be remembered for his skill as a diplomat and his personal charm. stevens was killed in that attack on the u.s. consulate on september 11th. >>> and rattled nerves in the northeast this morning after a rare earthquake hit southern maine. the 4.0 magnitude quake struck just after 7:00 last night, just 20 miles west of portland. it could be felt throughout new england. people running into the streets, as the ground shook. but there were no reports of major damage or injuries. >>> and it is time, now, for the weather from across this great nation. fargo, minneapolis, and chicago will see showers, perhaps, even thunderstorms. severe weather is a threat for little rock and memphis, with high winds and hail. the northern plains could see wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. and the southwest, hate to tell you. you're going to bake in temperatures well above normal. downtown l.a. will hit 90 or above. phoenix is 93. dallas will be in the upper 80s. mostly 60s in the middle of the country. boston and seattl
tonight in san francisco. >>> can't wait for you to say some of the nhl names, if they ever come back. there is a big college football win for mississippi this weekend. but an even bigger victory for change. >> i love this story. ole miss crowned its first african-american homecoming queen. 50 years ago, courtney roxanne pierson would have been banned from attending the university simply because she is black. a notorious segregation policy, ended when james meredith was admitted in 1962. pierson says her honor couldn't have come at a better time. >> you want to say it is about time. but you also just want to say -- congratulations to her. >> crazy. think about trajectory of things. when they let james meredith in, riots broke out. two people died. injured. decade later, first black homecoming queen. progress comes slowly. at least it comes. >> can't take the smile off her face. >> enjoy the moment. >> monday morning quarterback, courtesy of -- yours truly. >> we'll wrap the highlights and lowlights of sunday's nfl action. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world new
opinion. the san francisco giants are out to an early world series lead, thanks to three home runs from pablo sandoval, got three homers in a world series game. >> the long layoff didn't do any favors. all giants in the end. game two in the best of seven series in san francisco. if i am cheering for one another. my home state. >> mild fan. fair weather. coming up. freedom lost. authorities catch up with a monkey who has been hanging around tampa for years. >> first, a fascinating story, a scientist who says he can prove heaven is real. it's all coming up. ♪ ♪ just keep on living ♪ ♪ how far is heaven? ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare surance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. call today to requ
series. pitcher ryan worked 7 outstanding innings allowing four hits. score from san francisco last night, 6-1. >>> we know that she loves to dance and make people laugh at the same time. ellen degenerous, being honored at the kennedy center. being awarded with mark twain prize for american humor. >>> coming off of a tough loss, the ravens will take time off and play pool tonight. the leech foundation is hosting the shoot for the cure celebrity billiards torn to raise money for the breast cancer foundation. >>> this is the annual new river gorge bridge day festival in west virginia. hundreds of base jumpers made the 876-foot plunge, it's more than 300-foot taller than the monument. it takes 9 seconds for jumpers to pull parachutes. >> i'm very scared. i'm always terrified. it's amazing to challenge yourself. >> this is the 33rd year for the festival. you know who is the adventurous spirit. >> would you give it a try? >> i was going to say no but i saw you could jump with somebody. great day to do a little bit of jumping. we will see plenty of sunshine. we see a cluster of showers and sto
for them. the giants took the lead after the shut out last night in san francisco. game 3 is set for saturday night in detroit. >>> and the annual zoo boost will start. there will be trick or treating, food and the music. and it starts at 10 a.m. each way. >>> all the candy that kids want but can be harmful. parents should let their kids pick some of the candy and store the rest away. always make sure this they brush their teeth after eating candy. we heard this for years. >> we still
city, minneapolis, and san francisco. >>> and back to the news, now. a popular california beach is closed this morning after a surfer was killed by a shark. >> the shark attack took place at surf beach in lompoc near vandenberg air force base. a friend of the victim, solorio, saw the attack, pulled him on to the beach and tried to administer cpr. the attack has some locals saying they will be staying far away from the ocean. >> too many bad things have been happening here. and the water, it's pretty unpredictable. >> once in a while, you get to see some whales, which is pretty cool. but, no. there's too many sharks out here, man. that's my opinion. i wouldn't dare go in there. >> medical examiners say they will be looking at the bite marks to help determine the sides and type of the shark. at least one marine expert says the attacker was likely a great white. >>> two teenage brothers are now charged with murdering a 12-year-old neighbor girl in southern new jersey. autumn pasquale's body was discovered in a recycling bin, next to where the suspects lived with their mother. the m
parade in san francisco today. the world series champions san francisco giants will celebrate their victory with a ticker tape parade. this is the second in three years for the giants in major league baseball, claiming the top prize. >>> not everyone dealing with the flood waters from sandy. in western maryland a very different story. they're actually shoveling a lot. >> up there three feet of snow in some places. this is what it looks like in garrett county. plow trucks out in full force, trying to clear the snow from the roads. things got so bad tuesday a 50- mile stretch of interstate 68 had to be shut down. that stranded truckers and drivers for a number of hours. road foreman mark wells had had to cut back 50 to 60 trees just to get to work. >> it's treacherous, the trees were falling behind me as fast as i was cutting them out in front of me. i've seen a lot of snow up here, but not from a hurricane. >> power outages in that area because of the wet snow, it's breaking the tree limbs. a blizzard warning continues through today. so they definitely have a mess on their han
in san francisco. >>> and finally on this wednesday morning, for millions of people in the path of hurricane sandy, life must go on. >> it always does. and for a few familiar >> it always does. and for a few familiar entertainers, the show and the >> there's that old saying, tragedy, plus time, equals comedy. three of america's favorite funnymen didn't wait for the water to recede, before offering their fans comic relief. >> i'm jimmy. i was born in bay ridge. i grew up in the basin. tonight, i have returned to save my people from the storm. that's very kind. thank you for ignoring the local authorities to be here tonight. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel, 3,000 miles from his usual studio home, back in his hometown. >> a lot has changed since i lived in brooklyn. the last time i was here, i don't remember a hurricane trying to murder me. >> reporter: while kimmel got cheers from his audience. another late-night jimmy played to an empty house. jimmy fallon hit the streets of midtown manhattan before heading inside to deliver his monologue to no one. >> welcome to "late night with jimmy
yesterday. this could be the warmest day of the year in san francisco. seattle is pleasant and dry. >>> little weakake-up call for parents. how much tv do you think your kids are watching? a few hours a day. probably a lot more. researchers say, children between the ages of 8 months and 8 years are exposed to nearly four hours of background television every day. and kids in the poorest families even more. they were exposed to between 5 and 6 hours every day. the solution, the authors of the study recommend turning off the tv at meal and play times. ironically, i let my kids watch a program in the morning before school. and then usually one during dinner because -- >> during dinner. the sacred hour? >> they eat their food. >> they are young. very young actually. >> the only way i can set them to sit at the table and eat. >> they're younger than i mentioned. >>> as long as kids are getting out and exercising and doing home work and all the other things me personally, i watched a ton of cartoons as a kid. and like i said it didn't do me any damage. >> damage, huh. >> far as i know. >>
to san francisco. off and on showers, upper midwest, great lakes and northeast. >> 60s from boston to new york. 70s from indianapolis to colorado springs. 80s across the south. 50s in the pacific north west. >>> well, the mother and daughter who own a new hampshire riding farm lost 14 horses when their barn burned last month. but now, they're welcoming a survivor. they thought dumbo the cat had been lost, until after the fire they were out looking for the ashes. >> their pig, miss colby seemed to be on a mission. she led them to the woods where they found gumbo, badly burned but alive. home from the hospital and doing just fine thankfully. >> the happy animal story on the overnights. very lucky for dumbo. >>> coming up we will sit down with senior washington editor rick klein to get his take on last night's big debate. >> later, important new recommendations for women. issued new guidelines for pap tests. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. follow the wings. you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits a
. three home runs for him leading san francisco to 8 puff 3 win over the -- 8-3 win over the detroit tigers. there's another one right there. game two is set for tonight. >>> he brought 14 years of pain to an end for charm city. now the o's' manager buck showalter is being we can 90sed for his -- recognized for his achievements. sporting news names him the american league manager of the year. buck says he's done all year, he pointed to the team and said it belongs to them. class act guy. >>> all right, the winner of this year's world series could help predict the outcome of the presidential election. you see, since 1908, when an american league team wins the world series, there is a 59% chance that a republican will be elected. when the national league team wins, well, there's a 67% chance that a democrat will win. in the last three election cycles this prediction has been deadon. in 2000 and 2004 american league teams won the world series both times republican george w. bush won and of course in 2008 the national league won that. a democrat, barack obama took office. >>> you know th
was on a business trip in san francisco, police met him at the airport on his return he was taken to the hospital where his devastated family was waiting for him. the 50-year-old nanny, survived her wounds and remains in critical condition but stable, ortega work the family for a year, and has no criminal record and no charges have been filed so far. a blog called life with the crime kids, portray as devoted mother to adored her kids. >>> it may get as much hype as the iphone, but it is still a big day for microsoft. stephanie rawlings-blake: voting for question seven is an... incredible opportunity for baltimore. jim smith: question seven will bring table games like... blackjack and poker to baltimore. stephanie rawlings-blake: you're talking about 500 new jobs. ken ulman: and increased tourism will mean more business... for maryland's small businesses. jim smith: and instead of marylanders spending... five hundred and fifty million in other states... ken ulman: question seven will keep that money right here. stephanie rawlings-blake: more jobs, millions for schools. jim smith: i'm voting for q
? anybody want to guess? san francisco. of course. there's much more to come an abc2news. first here's terry moron a look at what's coming up on night line. >> a flamy hot controversy. why it's the war on salt in schools and what's keeping it out of kids' lunches. >> plus a man who says he can transform any room in your house without breaking the bank. that's coming up after abc2news at eleven. oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, that's white chocolate and pumpkin. oh. pumpkin. ha ha! you've never tasted pumpkin like this. try new pumpkin white chocolate or pumpkin mocha coffees and lattes today. >>> it's something you don't see every day. three elephants going on a walk. a trailer carrying them drove off the road and that's when the animals decided to leave. >>> remember mchail? she's the one that crashed the fake dinner at the white house back in 2009. well she's engaged tonight. neil shawn proposed to her in time city. the romance started off as her then husband reported as missing. turns out he out she was making -- >> i think any way you want it. >> they're going to have sticks play
weeks until election day. >> president obama in san francisco late last night, stepped up his attacks on mitt romney's debate performance, saying it wasn't leadership, but instead salesmanship. >> but the latest poll taken after the debates, shows romney swinging ahead of the president, 49% to 45%. that's mainly due to a surge in support for romney from women voters. abc's karen travers has more on the campaign trial. >> rep foreign affairs, mitt romney launched a scathing attack on president obama's policies and leadership overseas. >> it's time to change course in the middle east. it's clear that the risk of conflict in the region is higher now than when the president took office. >> reporter: so far, the economy has dominated the campaign debate. but the romney campaign tried to seize on questions and criticism about the president's handling of last month's attack in libya. it was a chance to try to reverse the tide of romney's recent perceived missteps, including his initial response to the libya attack. the republican contender accused the president of passivity over partnership.
. turns out parking is certainly an issue in san francisco. that comes as no surprise if you've ever been to the city. people there are not afraid to leave those nasty notes. they disapprove of your parking job. >> i like your penmanship. >> that's not me. >> there is a new service curb text and send short anonymous texts to the car owner to let them know if they are blocking a driveway or maybe they're parked somewhere where they shouldn't be. >> we're proud to say that just a week ago, that actually the first neighbor to neighbor curb text was sent and someone was letting someone know that their car was about to get ticketed. >> 300 people have registered so far for curb text. it is the hope that neighbors look out for each other instead of nasty notes. >> people can be mean. no need to do that. >> and if you let someone know your meter is about to be running out, that could be helpful. >>> what is your variance tape caught on camera. we will show you police officers now investigating this morning. >> and also some hard times are hitting the university of phoenix. the move they plan to
for retirement so most people just plan to work later in life. >>> the fall classic kicks off in san francisco tonight. giants will take on the detroit tigers a little after 8:00. the tigers swept the yankees in the alcs. and they have been sitting around for almost a week. the giants went to game 7against the cards wrapping up the series just two days ago. >>> detroit native aretha franklin will sipping the national apartment um for game 5 monday if necessary. last year she headed the star- spangled banner. and the tigers won the game so they are hoping the queen of soul will bring on a little more luck with her this time. >>> all right. time for a check on the weather. how gorgeous was it yesterday. >> perfect day. wife and i took olivia out for a walk and it became a
, seattle to san francisco. thunderstorms from minneapolis, green bay, chicago, st. louis, dallas. >> 80s from dallas to miami. 60s in the northeast. mostly 70s from indianapolis to salt lake city. >>> some incredible video this morning, showing what happens when an unsuspecting pedestrian wanders into the middle of a police chase. >> yes, take a look dash-cam footage. young man in the street as a speeding squad car comes barrelling into him. but get this, amazingly he lands on his feet. and casually walks away. >> unbelievable. lucky for him able to think fast enough. jump on to the hood and avoid serious injury or death. >> yeah. >> that jump. saved his life. >> saved his life. absolutely right. instead of getting pushed down. would have hit his head on the pavement. how it happens. >> almost like cat-like reflexes. i don't know i would have been able to act that way. >> in your mind, going, not good, whatever you are saying. then you think to jump. thank goodness he did. >> gosh, smart thinking. >> lance armstrong spoke out for the first time this weekend since being stripped of all th
. baltimore took the 20th spot, washington dc, in at number 10. the numb one spot for trick or treating is san francisco. >>> tickets for preakness are available through ticket fly.com which replaced ticket master and call the preakness ticket office she was a mother, fed up with drugs in her neighborhood and as a result, he house was set afire killing all family members. >> on this sad anniversary, we look at how the community changed. sherrie johnson joins us at the site of the safe haven center. >> reporter: we are here on east presston street, people will gather tonight to remember the dawson family. it's been ten years since their lives were taken. today, people are going to commemorate and honor the family. it was known as one of the worst tragedies in baltimore's history on october 16th, 2002, the home of cornell and angela dawson was fire bombed. mr. and mrs. dawson and their five children died in the fire. neighbors, and community leaders and faith based groups worked to build a monument at 1401 east preston street where we are now. that monument has become the dawson safe haven for c
younger or hotter. a woman in san francisco charges $350 for face slapping sessions. there's no medical proof it can improve your appearance but doctors say it can help your circulation and temporarily give you a rosier complexion. would you try this? log on to our facebook page and tell us how ridiculous you think that is. that's called boxing. >> that's what they call stupid. >>> my mom put it on me, middle school, i'm telling you. 78 degrees, comfortable humidity. we're in a niece, nice -- nice, nice stretch of october weather. show you some weather in motion. wool a talk about that storm in a second. take a look at baltimore today, sunshine, fall foilage. by the way, no matter what happens, we will get wind, some rain. if you love the fall foilage, new is the time to go for that country drive. got some good fall color in the susquehanna river, cecil county, harford county. gorgeous weather and laurel. look at that fall color. gorgeous sites around the state. however, again, these leaves will probably be coming off the trees with the wind we'll get. between now and saturday go check
by clinton, and the congressional hearings going on. there is a public memorial happening tonight in san francisco honoring u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. >>> the type who captured the hearts of her country and now the entire world is in britain, recovering from a wound to the head. people in pakistan gathered to pray for the 14 year old. members of the taliban shot the young activist while she was riding home from school. she is getting specialized treatment at a hospital in britain, doctors are optimistic about her future. the shooting sparked protests throughout pakistan denouncing the actions of the taliban. >>> there is good chance that most of you need more sleep. doctors agree. >> new information coming out about how your sleep pat ends could put you at risk for health problems in the future. >> does the flue vaccine do the job? research suggests maybe not. why some experts say you are still at risk for getting sick even after getting the vaccine. teacher: this is west virginia, pennsylvania, delaware. and this is maryland. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty
is game seven of the nlcs between your favorite team the cardinals amend the san francisco giants. >> it's late. we're going to go to bed. we'll see what happens. we'll wake up in the morning and see what happens. >> but, dad, the game will be over. >> this is little cy, it was the fifth inning. dad sam said, you've got to go to bed, man. past your bedtime. but the cardinals were losing. >> he said, but they're going to lose. they're not going to make the world series. >> they're not going to go to the world series, dad. >> oh! >> dad has to break the tough news we all have to learn sometime. >> not everybody guess to go to the world series. >> and -- i hate this one -- there's always next year. >> oh, no. >> too long to wait. especially for a 4-year-old. >> oh, yeah? that's exactly what cy says. >> there's always next year. >> but, daddy, it's too long. >> oh, my gosh. my heart is melting right now. >> well, let's talk to him, because we've got cy, we've got dad sam, and we've got mom margo joining us "right this minute" from st. louis, missouri. cy, first thing, we want to know, are yo
more video for you. this is a look in time lapse at some of san francisco's most iconic landmarks. enjoy it, and we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com this greek style yogurt has style. you can say that again. why thank you. this greek style yogurt has style. okay. stop saying it now. you're sending me mixed messages. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy.
instead. >>> and finally, san francisco giants are just one win away from winning the world series. the giants scored early runs last night and that's all they would need. shutting down the tigers of detroit for the second straight time. the giants go for the sweep and their second title in three years tonight. as professionals we strive for objectivit objectivity, but as a native san francisco ian, i wouldn't mind seeing the giants win the world series. am champion with look at the nation's weather. >>> good morning, everybody. the extreme team is out. ginger is down the coastline. let's get you your weather. in case you're now just waking up, the storm is on track, sandy, to continue to move up the coastline. frafrters expect it will make that left-hand turn monday into tuesday, being a bad storm, from those areas shaded in red up the coastline, i would include this not to be a coastal situation but a problem with rain well inland. lot of power outages and flooding expected. this morning, with this shot of cold air, come numbers like this, frost and freeze warnings are out in a l
. >>> a stunning accident to show you in san francisco bay. an $8 million sailboat flipped over on a training run for the america's cup. the 72-foot catamaran broke apart and most of the pieces were carried past the golden gate bridge and out to sea. none of the 11 crew members were hurt. can't say that about the boat. it was one of two being tested for the america's cup race next year. >> i guess it didn't pass the test, huh? >> sinking doesn't usually. >>> speaking of sinking in baseball, the detroit tigers are now just one win away from the world series. they got off to a good start against the yankees with delmon young's solo home run in the fourth inning. >> and they added a run in the following inning, as well. all the while starting pitcher justin verlander was baffling yankee hilters. he gave up a solo home run in the ninth but that was all for the yankees. detroit wins this one, 2-1. they now lead the series 3-0. >> game four is tonight. game three in the nlcs this afternoon in st. louis. the cardinals and giants tied it. all about justin verlander, maybe we'll see a cardinals/tigers rem
snowshowers from fargo to the northern great lakes. also, showers from san francisco to l.a. and san diego. >> 70s in sacramento and much of the rockies. 60s in the pacific northwest. mostly 50s in the midwest. >>> and when we come back this morning, labor pains at walmart. as worker protests against the giant retailer are growing. >>> the cyber attacks against major banks spread, with one major bank bracing to be hit today. >>> and then, the peanuts gang has a state at the movies. charlie brown and his pals are heading back to the big screen. >>> welcome back, everybody. the federal government wants its money back. it is suing wells fargo for defrauding a government-backed insurance program of hundreds of millions of dollars by improperly underwriting loans. it's the fifth lawsuit of major practices. wells fargo is denying the allegations. >>> capital one is involved in a series of cyber attacks. it says some of its online systems were disrupted yesterday. but most services have been restored. the same group promises action today against sun trust banks an tomorrow against regions financi
covered by a foot and a half of snow. two lucky gents there. >>> onto the world series, san francisco giants didn't take long, taking the lead last night against saint lou ills. their first batter, pagan hitting a solo home run, bottom of the first inning. then the giants broke it wide open in the fourth. taking on four more runs. that would prove to be enough. san francisco goes on to win, 7-1. so this series, nlcs, is tied. game three wednesday night in saint lup ilt. louis. game three of the alcs, tonight in detroit, tigers leading that series, 2-0 over the yankees. >>> then there is this, a video that just makes us want to say or even scream "do not try this yourself, please." >> check out this little brain surgeon here. the one dangling that piece of food right in the face of the massive crocodile. now, give him some credit for keeping his head. when he sinks into the mud a precarious situation. eventually the croc gets his food. and this really intelligent dude heads back to the mensa meeting. can you imagine toying with a croc like that. you got to be kidding me. >> he should b
lead the best-of-five series 2-1. >>> in the national league's only game yesterday. san francisco stayed alive against cincinnati. they won 2-1. the red lead the series, 2-1. and there are games in all four playoff series set for today. so if you are a baseball fan this is your favorite time of year. >> exactly. >> getting done to the nitty-gritty. >> right. this is my favorite time of year. >> really? >> the holidays. it is officially time to start getting ready for the holidays. simply because neiman marcus is out with its over-the-top christmas catalog. who doesn't love that? >> guessing you are a big neiman marcus fan. >> most expensive item, his/hers watches van cleef and arpels, trips to paris, they can be yours for over $1 million. >> oh, that cheap? for those on a budget like most of us can kid a special edition red mcclaren sports car all yours for $354,000. just a paltry sum there. i'll take the watch for christmas, sunny, appreciate that. thank you >> you got it. >>> coming up a common household product is actually starting fires without a spark. tell you what it is and
in a san francisco space slapping salon. and you actually took one for the team too. >> i did. they say it is supposed to do wonders for wrinkles, with circulation in your face, you know for $350, if i've remember correctly. expensive stuff. best video of the week. and nick a brave soul, dogged journalist for doing that. all that slapping had nick feeling -- >> poor guy. >> apparently nick likes it rough. had him feeling sleepy. he went to l.a. where he met other tired folks and their tired friend. >> reporter: darcy and charlie are on their way to the park. she yawns. he yawns. because he is feeling what she is feeling. >> you can tell from the sad mood, i will get a lick on the cheek, something look that. >> reporter: when you yawn, your dog yawns. swedish scientists here they are at work just proved that dogs actually empathize. that's why they find human yawns contagious. >> not just yawns, but they also took on the e motie emotion thag usually signifies, sleepiness and tiredness. >> reporter: it works well, 69% of the time. yawning is also contagious between humans and chimpanzees,
sounded an urgent note in his appeal to voter. he told supporters in san francisco they must be almost obsessive in getting out the vote. the president and mitt romney returned to the crucial state of ohio later today to campaign in that critical state. >>> first lady michelle obama is sharing a bit what goes on behind the closed dufrz the white house. in a "nightline" interview she told cynthia mcfadden she steers clear of trying to influence her husband's approximately sees instead sticking to causes like fighting childhood obesity. mrs. obama talked about how comfortable the president is around women. >> this is one of the things i love about barack, he is so used to having strong women in his life. you know, it's odd. i tell him that this is somehow, you know, god keeping his testosterone in check. because really he is surrounded by women. >> the first lady says she no longer has doubts that they're doing what is best for their family and for the country as well. >>> the search for a missing fifth grader near denver is still coming up police looked for jessica ridgeway. vanished on
boy. this micro apartment in san francisco, toured by our own ceclia vega. >> you can almost in the bathroom reach something in the fridge. >> reporter: that place is just 150 square feet. the world's population is exploding, we're getting bigger. will we soon be vacationing in japanese-style capsule hotels, driving the miniscule peel p50, and stroking descendents of mr. peebles, the world's smallest cat? the average family home in the u.s. is shrinking, but it's still over 2,300 square feet. that 15 times the size of our polish pied a terre where a cat cannot be swung. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> we want to remind tonight is the big showdown between president obama and mitt romney. george stephanopoulos and the entire political team along with i will be right here. thank you for watching, and we will see you again soon.
is still on today. it's in san francisco. the company hopes to establish a family of device that is work together much like apple has already. and if you want an ipad mini, better get in line at an apple store. all models are sold out online. professor lighten and miracle mass is the 5th installment games.com says there's a new story line and hundreds of puzzles to solve. >> they do such a really good job of wrapping the puzzles into the story and it is the seamless experience jumping from the story to the public and back to the story again. >> reporter: and those are your tech bites. have great day i am rob nelson. >>> you are looking live at the outer banks. kill devil hills, north care line arks you can see major waves -- north carolina, you can see major wanes as hurricane sandy made her way on the east coast. knock on our doorstep soon. >> watch the waves rolling in. you can see the decline on the beach line right there. that's in north carolina along the outer banks. here's a great question for you as you get ready for sandy. how much gas is in your car? >> i have a full tank becau
" update. and we start with game two of the world series in san francisco. let's go. don't call it frisco, though. the locals don't like it. that's madison bumgarner. getting help from fielding here. top two, prince fielder tying to score from first. bad idea. these gone down. a missed opportunity for detroit. that's scary opportunity there for detroit pitcher doug fister. taking a line drive from gregor blanco. he would stay in. later in the inning, that's fister getting bumgarner to fly out. bumgarner did his work on the bump. omar infante, also no. bumgarner, seven innings, two hits, eight ks. 4-6-3 double-play. 2-0. giants get the win. >>> nfl football on a thursday night. adrian peterson and the vikings undefeated at home taking on the buccaneers. christian ponder to percy harvin. beautiful fade route. great catch. bucs down 13-7. josh freeman, mike williams. that's a better catch because the degree of difficulty was a steep one. look at williams. one foot and a little 20-7. fourth touchdown catch of the season. third quarter is freeman. short pass tooug martin. freeman had three tou
series. they are playing oakland and with the cincinnati series, they are playing san francisco. so the time could change but whatever you need to know wednesday night, there will be baseball in new york, guys. >> looking forward to it thanks so much charley. get warm and get a cup of cocoa or something. i am sure you will be down there all week long. get used to it. before we go we want to leave you with great video that makes you say oh. this is poochs taking part in an olympic style competition. my dog couldn't do that. take a look. this is from the hurdle to the obstacle courses and look at that even in the pool. catching and jumping in the pool. so these dogs can do just about anything any time all leaving you wondering with one question. can my dog do that. all of us have dogs up here. you have velvet who is a couch potatoe. >> yeah. my lap yes. >> all right. >> you. >> reporter: sophie is a couch potatoe. >> that wouldn't be for them. but share those pet pictures on facebook lauren might use one as a caption this. >> and keep orioles pictures coming too. >> absolutely. >> rep
those who did not take it. >>> it is an exciting start to the world series, if you're a san francisco giants fan. we get the highlights from espn news. >> good morning. and welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm zubin mehenti. round one of the world series knockout. justin verlander, hasn't lost since september 8th. that's going to change and change in a hurry. pablo sandoval, will be the player of the series. only one game in. giving the team three home runs in the game. becoming only the fourth player in major league history to do that in a fall classic match-up, joining randy jackson, albert pujols and the babe. the giants had nothing but resilien resilience. but the one that needed to come from behind, defeated the tigers. >>> the nba, knicks/nets, opens its rivalry. this contest in long island. for the knicks fans, this is not what you want to see. tyson chandler goes down. he would leave with a sore left knee. the latest on his condition. espnnewyork.com. later in the first, extending the rivalry. moving in that direction. jeremy lin, carmelo, 15. later in the third, nets on
that caught people by attention in the san francisco bay area. some residents say the homes shook making them think it was an earthquake. turns out it was a meteor streaking across the sign and it was roughly the size of a car. now, you want to talk about the meteor or do you want to talk about the snow? >> about the snow. i think that we're doing to get some snow in here. not going to be what we had last season at all. but for today no type of snow whatsoever. we are dealing with temperatures in the 50s basically from kent island to baltimore even bel air this morning. let's take you outside in bel air. you can see what's going on. well, we have some clouds out there and also some clear skies so that sun/cloud mix will continue as we go throughout the day. so if prepared for that. now at the surface high pressure is out into the atlantic right now. we're waiting for the comfort to move through -- cold front to move through. ahead of that we have some showers and thunderstorms. and those will make their way in here as we go mainly into the evening into the overnight tomorrow morning. so we lo
in the nfc west. the seattle seahawks taking on the 49ers in san francisco. >>> we get yesterday's highlights, now, from espn. >> good morning. i'm hakem dermish with your "sportscenter" update. we begin in st. louis for game three of the national league championship series. bottom three. cards, 1-0. carpenter, four for four in his career against matt cain. make it five for five. his first for a postseason home run gives the cardinals a 2-1 lead. then, there was a 3:28 rain delay. pick it up in the ninth now. jason motte toe to close it out. his first save of his career. and the cardinals take a 2-1 series lead on the giants. >>> minnesota lynx hosting the indiana fever in game two of the wnba finals. shot is blocked. got hit on the wrist. she would get teed up. then, check out lynx coach cheryl reeves. not happy. i don't need this jacket. it's too warm in here anyway. closing seconds of the third. simone augustus, for the three. buries it. puts the lynx up five. fourth quarter, minnesota native, lindsay whalen, from distance. the lynx go on to win 83-71. series tied at 1-1 games. game three
in ohio today. >>> game two of the world series is tonight. and right now, the san francisco giants, they are one game up on the detroit tigers. they won last night and they won pretty big. 8-3. first pitch tonight is at 8:07. >>> just a few lines written with a pen with a very simple idea. listen. this young man said i wanted to know if you could use my idea for breast cancer awareness. the fifth grader from new jersey was watching a giants' game against the browns earlier this month and it gave him an idea. they're already wearing the pink cleats and the gloves, but why no pink penalty flags? roger goodell liked the idea and this coming sunday as the jets take on the dolphins at metlife stadium. the young man is going to be there presenting pink flaks like the -- flags like the ones you see her to the refs. they're going to put the yellow laundry if the pocket for one game. >> i like it. >>> as october nears you will be seeing more and more halloween themed movies and tv specials. >> you will gather to watch the classic it's the great pumpkin charlie brown. however one dad says it
take on the san francisco giants as this is game one. >> we don't know who will sing the national anthem for game one but we know common for game 5 -- come monday for game 5 it will be aretha franklin. she opened game 3 of the alcs last year and the town's beloved tigers won the game and fans are hoping for a similar result this year. >> all right a star stuned turn out for the premier of the james bond movie. sky fall and celebrities walked down the red carpet including prince charles. daniel craig spoke to cnn about how the character changed over the years. >> i think that's what is special about it. each individually they added to the whole thing and i am a fan of all of them. and it's just an honor to be part of it. >> sky fall hits u.s. theaters on november 9th. and a quick note for the fans out there of show time's emmy award winning show homeland. you can look forward to getting another season of the show. the gripping action because the hit show has been renewed for a third season. >> yeah excited about that. >> i love that show. it's so good. >> what's it called. >> homel
. >>> for the second time in three years, the san francisco giants are the world series champs. festivities start at 11:00, and they're colors being orange and black, just in time for halloween. >>> well, it is halloween, americans are still in the spirit and willing to spend more this year on decorations, costumes, also candy. an estimated $8 billion will be spent on halloween according to research gathered, and despite sandy, trick or treating in many neighborhoods around still on schedule. >>> there's some good news if you plan on watching horror films this halloween. a new study from london says simply sitting down to watch a movie can burn as many calories as a 30-minute walk, all from watching a horror movie. researchers say the average viewer burns 113 calories watching a 90-minute film. who would have ever imagined that? >> i guess it's probably not equal when you eat a bunch of popcorn while you're watching that movie, right? >> always with the details. >>> speaking of a scare, there's plenty of great ghost tours in our area. >> one of the better known tours you might be finding on the stre
in the west, in los angeles, vegas and san francisco. >>> returning to the news. the scathing, new report from the u.s. anti-doping agency, virtually demolishes what's left of lance armstrong's image, painting him as a liar, a cheat and a bully. >> the investigation found armstrong was at the center of a highly-sophisticated and secret doping program. the details were provided by dozens of witnesses, including 11 of armstrong's teammates who say, he pushed them to cheat with him. the agency's chief says the evidence was just too overwhelming to ignore. >> our job, unfortunately, is to act on the evidence. nothing else. nothing more. nothing less. that's what we've done in this case. and what we saw, and the evidence shows an undeniable web of sophisticated doping, all aimed to succeed and bring success to this team. >> the agency stripped armstrong of his cycling titles. he chose not to fight the sanctions. but called the investigation a witch hunt. and he continues to insist he never cheated. >>> in south florida, crews are digging through the rubble of a collapsed parking garage on miami-dad
in san francisco, which promises delivery within the hour, to wherever you are, from a park bench to your office cubicle. with all this competition, consumers stand to benefit, but it pays to do your homework. >> really evaluate what you really need and then go to your local retailer and demand they give it to you. >> reporter: also, know when to shop. black friday and cyber monday is not always the best time to find the lowest prices. according to consumer-price research firm decide inc, the best time to buy the hottest toys and latest technology items is often in october, saving you money and time standing in long, cold lines. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >>> and coming up, they go 200 miles per hour on a razor's edge away from this. next, watch what happened in this car that has nascar legend dale earnhardt saying "enough." not in this economy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. a
. and attending a fund-raising concert in san francisco. >> we're going to go forward, not backwards. that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is holed up in a delaware hotel room, engaged in debate prep. while paul ryan got some unexpected debate prep of his own with a reporter from our flint, michigan, affiliate. >> the best thing to help prevent violent crime in the inner cities is to bring opportunities in the inner cities. to help teach people good discipline, good character. that is civil society. that's what charities and civic groups and churches do, to help one another. >> and do that by cutting taxes? with a big tax cut? >> those are yours, not mine. >> thank you very much, sir. >> yeah. that was strange. >> reporter: the obama campaign, also seeking to mock mitt romney for his pledge to eliminate funding for pbs, by portraying him in a tv ad, by personally going after big bird. the ad says, mitt romney taking on our enemies, no matter where they nest. george? >> we've not seen the end of that. jake, thank you very
in san francisco and was notified when he arrived in new york. the nanny survived the wounds to her throat. yoselyn ortega had reportedly worked for the family for about a year. before that, marina krim had been a stay-at-home mom. "the new york post" is reporting that in the screening process, the family spent nine days in the dominican republic with her family before she was hired. again, the nanny is in custody and in the hospital right now, in critical but stable condition. she has not been formally charged. as this investigation continues, a family continues to grieve, as well as an entire neighborhood. amy, back to you. >> all right, john muller, thank you. there really aren't words. it's an unimaginable scene. >> and the parents did everything right for this nanny, as well. so horrible. >>> we're going to switch gears now. the race for the white house. "your voice, your vote" and just 11 days to go. all kinds of loose talk on the campaign trail. president obama calls mitt romney a name we can't repeat on television, as one of romney's top surrogates says race is influencing a
. not the northwest. but southern california, from san francisco, to fresno, to l.a., san diego, even vegas, this low will move in and give folks an opportunity to get some >> josh just says i called san francisco southern california. i did not. >> san francisco's going to be so happy to know that it's in southern california. made my day. >> all that weather was brought to you by smuckers. george? >> thank you, sam. >>> coming up, swimming with tigers. should kids get this close? take a look. even to cubs? [ horn honks ] hurry up or we'll miss the bus! come on! ♪ whatcha got there, richard? they're for show & tell. wasn't that yesterday? yup, but the class wants me to do it again. [ male announcer ] tim and richard smucker learned early on just how irresistible their jam really is. so how'd it go today, richard? i shoulda brought more. [ male announcer ] for five generations, with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve y
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